Since moving to Qatar I have managed to accumulate a fairly impressive kitchen top drawer collection of home delivery menu's!

I tried browsing the net for alternatives to my normal diet but to no avail! There must be 100's of people out there like me who can't be bothered to cook but don't have good access to quality fast food menu's! How many people know what grease laden burgers Hardees have to offer with out access to a menu? Try getting this much sought after information from the person on the home delivery "hot line" - not as easy as it may sound; trust me!

This shocking fast food habit, the lack of desire to cook and too much spare time has resulted in me creating this website!

Clink the links on the left hand side for the menu's and home delivery "hot line" numbers of some popular fast food joints in Qatar!

If you would like to see another restaurant in the left hand side please feel free to contact me on homedeliveryqatar@gmail.com and I will do my best to get the menu online!

Bon Appetite!!!
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